Simplified explanation of the restoration process.
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  1. First the original picture is scanned at several resolutions to bring  out all of the original detail, and establish the over all form of the photograph. Note that high level scanning will reveal or emphasize details hidden from the naked eye, including the flaws in the photo. The flaws are  caused by several factors.

    1.  Defects in the original negative, the transfer process, flaws captured by the camera lens,  deterioration cause by time, and mishandling of the photo.

    Second The flaws are removed. This is an arduous task that can take several hours to days. Since each flaw is  examined as if it stands alone,  a decision is then made as to the correct restoration process requires for the individual flaw.

    Third The picture is colorized. The colorization process gives the picture depth and effective contrast as originally seen by the camera lens. The eye of the camera originally viewed color not gray scale.

    Fourth finally by choice the picture is returned to the gray scale