Heritage Village Electrical Survey






The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) wants to personally thank each and every one of you for your effort and support in making the first Village Electrical Survey a success. 528 units or 20.5% of the Village responded to the survey.

As with any survey, there are some responses that have to be rejected because of lack of information. 61 survey responses fell into this category. Statistically for a targeted audience the rate of response is 5% to 10%. And as you can see the Village far exceeded our expectations with a usable response rate of 19%.  

The LRPC has had several questions about the survey and what the LRPC will do with these results:

1.     We now have a base line and can project what electrical cost you should expect for a given model.

2.     Management and Trustees can make factual recommendations to support the owners.

3.     You, as individuals, will know what the average cost of electricity should be for your model.

4.     Projections of current and future cost can be easily calculated, and our representatives can be armed with facts, and not conjecture.

Below: are the links to report showing basic survey results:





Graphic Representation of Electrical Use

Model Types Participant Results

Model Types Statistically Projected Results

Village Model Types

Village Degree Days

Village Microsoft XL Electrical Survey Results May 2010

Connecticut Electric Suppliers


  If you would like to have additional information please feel free to contact the LRPC through your condo President or send email to mailto:PCKatzmark@msn.com